Tuesday, June 22, 2010

remember that one time ... when i was pregnant? 

that was weird.  i mean, im just saying, having a baby growing INSIDE of you is totally weird. like an alien.

know what else is weird?  is when the baby grows outside your belly ... into a toddler!!

let me just say, that in usual fashion, i had been completely worried about lbj's development. i was sure i was going to go on family vacation, and have everyone wondering why im unable to teach my baby the most simple tasks (they are simple to me .. but, i suppose, to a baby its a lil more difficult).

just about two weeks prior to our trip, lbj started clapping.  hallelujah! literally for weeks i tried to get him to master this skill, to no avail.  and then, a couple weeks after giving up, he looks at me one day and just starts appaulding.  i am pretty sure he was actually appaulding me, and all my valiant efforts as a mother.

i was very happy that i would have one skill to show off to family members while in yellowstone.  (is it weird that i refer to lbj's ability to do things as "my skills"?? nah)

but let me tell you about my son.  he is not only a clapper.  while on vacation - around 22 other people - he decided to do things he has never done before.

for example, on his birthday, he blew me kisses.  im sorry.  should i repeat that for you?  he blew kisses to me!  oh how he loves his mother. 

at the airport on the way home, he decided to wave.  thats right people.  he waved.

but the biggest and best news of all was ...

drum roll please

he started walking.  the day before his first birthday. 

look, i dont want to go and get all sentimental on you blog
but one day i had a baby. and now i dont. 

(good thing it was a pool party)


Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Ah, he is so cute I just want to steal him (wait that sounded creepy). Well, he is a seriously cute little guy

NateDee said...

He is still the cutest little fatty b fatty in the world.

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

YAY!! oh i am so sad I missed all his new tricks. Hooray for awesome babies and awesome moms.