Tuesday, July 27, 2010

busy work

nathan and i are prit much best friends. i know ... i know ... how cliche, "i married my best friend".  the truth is i dont know if he was really my best friend five and half years ago.  i was just really really in love with him. 

but now, most days and nights there is only one person with whom i want to spend time.  there is only one person with whom i want to travel. and dont get confused ... lbj is not much of a travel companion yet.  i am perfectly content spending most time with nathan.

that is why i am SO excited for our trip to ireland and scotland. we are going to spend inordinate amounts of time together. just me and him.  we stayed up til 1am the other day picking out a trip.  looking up flights. talking about the sites to see.  it was magical.  i cant wait to go back to ireland and show nathan the country i love.  

ever since we started planning the trip, i cant stop thinking about it.  i am so utterly consumed with thoughts of staying up late and going to pubs.  and then stopping on the street to get kebabs or chips.  mmmm.  i think about the castles. and kissing the blarney stone. going to cork, and showing nathan my old house.  that little yellow house on barrack street.  where every morning it smelled like yeast (thanks the the beamish factory, which has since closed).  i think of the aran islands and buying lbj a lil wool sweater, that he'll never be able to wear, because its just not that cold.  and i think about running into old friends. how sweet.

all this thinking and dreaming has me very busy.  and i am just wondering ... do you think i will get anything done in the next four and half years until this trip actually happens?  im just saying, as we speak, i am googling ireland trips, golfing in ireland and scotland, and places to stay.  

o well.  only about 1757 days to go.  
(how much dust do you think could collect if i really didnt do anything til then?)

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Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

COME WHILE WE LIVE IN ENGLAND!!! We will be in Newcastle, which is super close to Edinburgh Scotland.