Monday, July 19, 2010

he is my son

in the mornings i turn on sesame street for lbj.

(we watch tele. i hate a silent house. so sue me.)

i was pretty sure that lbj knew who elmo is.  he received a talking elmo for christmas, i always sing the song to him, and when he comes on screen, i say "hi elmo!!" and wave.  you get the picture.

for his birthday my mum got him this plush elmo chair.  lbj hasnt stopped sitting in it since he got it.  i say "wheres elmo? sit in your elmo chair" and he walks right over and sits in it.  

well, it shouldnt surprise me then, that when elmo came on the tele a few weeks ago, that lbj started waving to him.  they are practically best friends, you know.

what does surprise me though is this:

at 4 pm that same day, it was time for star trek:TNG.  we watch it every tuesday.  when the theme music came on, lbj sat in front of the tele dancing a little bit.  no big deal, its music right?

but then he starts waving.

apparently lbj knows two things about television:

one) he can see his BFF elmo everyday through that magical screen
two) he can see his other BFF captain picard every once in while too.

ok ... so now you can sue me.

(caption: "saaay what?? commander worf did not seriously just do that!?!")

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