Thursday, July 15, 2010

we love the suns

once upon a time i pretended to love the utah jazz just to annoy nathan.  well, then i actually did love them. and cheered for them. you know - like telling a lie long enough until you believe its true, too. (i mean ive never done that - im just sayin)

well then we left utah ... and i had no reason to really follow the jazz anymore. i guess i was, what you might call, a fairweather fan.  dont get me wrong, i still love me some ak-47.  i just dont follow 'em like i did.  but i did start watching the suns with nathan. and this past season, i bought orange and purple flowers for every playoff game.  we even decorated for jordans birthday in orange and purple balloons and streamers.  basically .. what im saying is we bleed orange and purple.

so it would only make sense that when nathan suggested that i turn the rarely used guest room into a craft room/art studio that i would want to do the color scheme in purple and orange.  after quite a bit of deliberating and sketching it out, i decided to just paint one wall.  i opted for a color called orange crush. and after i painted it, i seriously couldnt stop saying how much i loved it.  then i moved in my black bookcases.  and i freaked.  the room looked like an ode to halloween.  and while it is my favorite holiday, i wasnt really interested in a theme room .. well i mean, other than the phoenix suns.  

after moving in all my paints, crafts, baskets, easel ... so on and so forth ... the room looks less halloween-y, and more crafty.  im really happy with the result, and im already working on two projects. my first ever sewing project. (i have sewed before, just not successfully, and have always had my motherinlaw or sister helping) and a painting ive been working on, but havent had the space or inspiration to finish.

anyway, ill show some pics later .. but for now here's one with my phone. 

just one more thought on the suns ... i may or may not have shed a tear when i heard LB (leandro barbosa) was traded. honestly ... i said "see ya" to amare. i mean, im sad to see the team ive always known as "the suns" breaking up. but amare wasnt playing his money's worth ... so check ya lata!!! but LB??!!?? i just cant believe im not going to see him coming off the bench next season.  how sad.

well. at least ive got my craft room to take my mind off the pain.


NateDee said...

Well done BABE! Plus, word on the street is that you successfully completed your first sewing project already. Heard it's killa. When we see pics?

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

i wanna see everything!!! I miss you like CRAZY and I am so proud of this room (even thought I spent MANY a night in its bed) :)