Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ive got someone's secret!

my husband has a secret.  and since ive figured it out, im going to share it with you.

when i open up a new tab on the internet, it pulls up screen shots of the most recently visted or most frequently visited sites.

lets pretend, for the sake of this conversation, that they are the most frequently visited sites.

so, of course, facebook shows up. gmail. igoogle. craigslist. pretty normal, understandable websites.

but what do i see ... next to craigslist, but a website called "mugglenet.com"

what the heck is that? i click on it. and it is a website purely devoted to 'arry potter and his gang.  on the front page, it lists all the birthdays coming up.  so for example, JK Rowlings birthday was shown.  That's fine. shes a real person, with a real birthday.  but, then it proceeded to name all the august birthdays for the characters.and not just harry.  but these characters ive never heard of.  its just weird to me.

the night that i saw this website, i mentioned something about the authors birthday.  just to see if nathan had any inkling that ive caught on to this weird obsession he has.  he didnt. weird. so i had to actually tell him i caught him.

then last night he says, you know we're finally into double digits before the next movie comes out.

i asked, did you get that from mugglenet.com?

he laughed and said, i mightve. or i might have actually counted out all the days on my calendar.




my husband is a freak.  an HP freak. he used to be in the closet, as it were. but since ive figured out his secret, he seems to think he can tell me these weird tidbits of information.  but its just kind of weird ... especially when he does things like he did last night. as we were going up the stairs last night he did a spell (???) and then said (completely seriously), i wouldnt be surprised if one day owls came and started dropping off letters for me here.

i guess as long as he cleans up after them, i dont care.


NateDee said...

First of all, you shouldn't be a hater. Secondly, I may have a small, slightly unhealthy obsession with HP but is that so freaky? So what if I have taken a few online quizzes to see which Hogwart's house I would be sorted into. So what if I happen to know that my answers on said quizzes put me basically equally eligible for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I'm a wizarding anomaly. If you don't stop harassing me about my HP interest I am going to start telling you what happens in book 7...like the fact that Hedwig dies. BOOM! THAT just happened.

MediocreMama said...

Hahaha great post.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Haha... great post Nikki. I'm totally with you Bhonk. I do not discriminate weird obsessive compulsions with completely imaginary, magical, or undead (twilight much) worlds. I subscribe to many. When it's time for family movie night? Who always votes for HP marathon? Mmm hmmm...

Anyway, are you kidding? Our next family vacation to a theme park won't be to disney land... but to where? the new HARRY Potter park in Florida! That's right. I know Nathan's with me! I'm way more excited about it than the boys.

The Burtons said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This just made my day! WE just finished the first book with our 7 year old. Let the HP infactuation begin!