Tuesday, August 03, 2010

the night the nachos won

by 530 last night, i was dying.  i think literally.  but, i could be wrong. 
(doubtful, though)

for a whole week we took our hcg and we ate our 500 calories a day.  and we each lost about 5pounds.  
but for the first few days i thought that nathan might start crying at any moment. 
and then the last few days, i did cry at any moment. 

let me just explain what happened yesterday.  first, as you know, lbj is teething his brains out right now.  and all i wanted to do was eat.  and since i couldnt i laid on the couch.  because the next best option was sleeping.  when you are weak and hungry, thats all you do.  its all i did at least.  dont judge me.

but i knew i had to go to costco.  i was running low on things, and this diet required that i be cooking at home every night.  so i finally managed the strength to get in the shower at around 230.  i was dragging myself.  kind of like a mummy. or frankenstein.  or something. you know what i mean.  

lbj and i get ready. and hit up costco.  i want to buy a huge canister of cashews. i dont even eat/like cashews.  but at that moment, as i walked into the store and saw the huge display of a years worth of cashews for only 10$, all i wanted was cashews.  

we went about our shopping.  buying only the things i needed.  go to the check out, and wait a gobazillion years to check out.  because apparently everyone thought, like me, monday wont be so busy at costco.  boy, were we wrong.  i swipe my amex.  and sign. 

and unfriendly cashier man says: "your card says its expired".  

me: im sorry? what?

UCM:  your card. see. it says right here (pointing to checkout readout thingee)  expired.

me:  (looking at my card. says 7/10.  i dont actually even know what month it is. so he could be lying) oh. ok. (eyes burning).  well i guess ill have to come back another time.  you dont take visa or mastercard, right?

UCM: No.  SUP!!! I NEED A SUP!!!

me: (eyes really burning) (UCM looking right at me) i'm really sorry about this. 

UCM: (turns away. ignores my apology completely)

me: ....or not?


i grab lbj and nearly run out of the store.  for those who need a reminder, i have moderate to severe anxiety.  there are days when i will not go shopping by myself.  so when i do make it out of the house, and venture into what i think is the big bad scary world - i do not want to be treated like ... POOH.

i did not realize my card was expired. i dont look at the expiration date. i expect amex to send me a new card.  and i didnt purposefully show up at costco, put a bunch of stuff in my cart, just so i could wait in line for 10 minutes, just to piss off you, mister. unfriendly. cashier. man.

i got in the car. and cried.  i was utterly embarrassed. and upset that this guy couldnt accept my apology for whatever it was that i did wrong.  

i got home. with no diapers.  which we really needed. (i procrastinate)

i tell nathan the story. he offers to run to albertsons. and then we discuss the diet.  and how miserable i am.
and in my wounded state after costco. i gave in.

nathan went to robertos and got me nachos. (yes. thats what we broke our diet on.  horrible fatty nachos.  and im ok with that)

we also made and wrote down a plan to go to the gym four times a week. 
we have to pay for child care, and decided it was worth it. 

anything was worth it after a week of starving.  

and there, my friends, is the story of how the nachos won. 


CaLLie.ANN said...

You completely deserve those damn nachos. Way to stay strong. Kudos.

Em {orange + barrel} said...

I agree with the comment above I would have eaten the damn nachos too!!

Costco gives me the worst anxiety...it's like a mad house in there!

MediocreMama said...

Life's too short. Eat the damn nachos.

Which ward do you know me from? Alta Vista or our new one at Spanish Hills? This explains why we haven't spoken much...glad to be blost friends with you Nikki.

That guy was an unneccesary jerk.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Ughhhh, that's the worst! I've totally been there. One of my worst moments (or more, since it's happened to me more than once... usually at the grocery store with a cart full o' stuff) EVER. Sorry it happened to you.

1. Random thought, but this totally reminds me of the scene in You've Got Mail... "Knock Knock...", "Who's There?" "Orange". "Orange, who"? "Orange you going to swipe this little card through this machine, zip zip?" :)
2. Nachos were TOTALLY worth it. Good girl.
3. Diapers.com. Usually has free shipping, discounts, every diaper imaginable (including 'green')... REALLY helps with those of us who procrastinate getting the necessities.
4. I'm LOVING catching up on your blog. I had no idea that you were on here so regularly now. So fun. Makes me miss you more, but keep it up.