Friday, August 20, 2010

we gonna light it up, like its dynamite

im not scared. 

im not scared of you seeing me in my car jamming out.

it happens every time im in the car.  i try to refrain from doing it when people are in my car.  but if you pull up next to me at the stoplight, be prepared.  its like my car is the latest, hippest club in town. at 1030am. on its way to the park with lbj. with our sand toys in tow.

thats how we roll people. 

i never understood people who are embarrassed to have people catch them singing in the car. look, i dont want to brag or anything, but if a producer could hear how i sound in my car (it must be the acoustics in there), id be a freakin billionaire by now.  im just sayin.  

i once read someone who blogged about her fear of someone seeing her sing in the car.  so she would put her cell up to her ear, to pretend she was talking on the phone.  i dont know. maybe shes not driving a toyota, or something. because if she had the acoustics i have, she would not be shying away from such a heavenly sound.  (yup, i just compared my voice to angels, people.)

in addition.  i have moves that rival those of the most trained dancers on the planet.  i google moves. i see them performed on youtube.  and then i practice them with lbj.  he seems to think im pretty good. so, you can imagine how awesome i look, seat dancing and singing really loud.  on my way to costco.  to get a 1$ hot dog and drink.  

lbj is going to love his teenage years.


NateDee said...!

MediocreMama said...

Prove it. We want video footage.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

I'm with you on this one. You can prit much count on witnessing me (and, likely, Jayden) busting it out anytime Ice, Ice Baby is on... or, perhaps a little Kung Foo Fighter. I mean, come on... isn't it really the people that just sit there not moving that are weird? How can you not shake your thing to a good beat??? :)

No shame. Just keepin' it real.