Tuesday, October 19, 2010

help! im in a funk and i cant get out!

yeah.  i used the "ive fallen and cant get up" catchphrase from 1989.

did you know it was 1989 when that commercial appeared?  over 20 years ago!  and people are still laughing at it.  at least i am.

huh ... that lifted my funk for a couple of seconds.

truth be told.  ive been in a funk for a couple weeks now.  and i cant seem to snap out of it.  ive gained 5 fabulous pounds during this funk.  awesome. really, that alone should get me to snap out of it.  or how about how im not really nice to anyone when im in a funk.  how about how my parents wanted to take me for a steak dinner for my birthday, and i didnt want to go (dont worry. i sucked it up for the night and ate my heart out). 

i googled how to get out of funk. you know, google is my know-all-be-all for information. 

some things i found:

Horse Wisdom
Create an exquisite place of oneness with collective wisdom of the horse ancestors by allowing a horse to breathe rhythmically and through this rhythm, be engaged eye to eye, breath to breath. Feel the “alayayujnana..or storehouse of consciousness” and whala! Funk is gone.

ok - what?  i had to read it a few times.  is this telling me to go out to a ranch and meet eye to eye with a horse.  uhm, im short. i cant see eye to eye with a horse.  or is this telling me to commune with dead horse spirits.  either way. weird.

Spend Quality Time With a Child
this is one of the few moments in life where i actually laughed out loud at my computer screen (all other times where when nathan and i met online back in 2004 and he used all his funniest lines to woo me).

Write It Out
....doing it...

Go For a Walk
....did it....

One man wrote a whole article explaining how and why I am in a funk, stating:
The only way to get yourself out of a funk is to understand that you have created a powerful vibrational field around yourself ...When you are in the middle of a powerful vibrational field, you begin to resonate very strongly to it. If the vibrational field is strong enough, it may feel as if you are karmically trapped in the incident. But of course you aren't! Karma is just vibrational resonance. It is your personal resonance to something that you have created!

So I need to change my vibrator?  (that was totally inappropriate i know.  but i couldnt help myself)

Why dont we just agree to the fact that im here. in this funky place.  with or without horse spirits.  
and until i get out - dont expect me to clean the house.

(this may or may not have been an elaborate setup to get me out of the housecleaning)

ps ... thought i ought to site my source for that mans vibrations: you can find it here

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St. Julien's said...

It could be the same funk I had after a GREAT, fabulous, rejuvenating vacation. it was by far the strangest bought of depression like symptoms, no desire to do ANYTHING. along with questioning thoughts on WHY i wanted to have kids!!?!? it was very strange and I was getting really worried. Then one morning (about a week later)I woke up POOF it was gone I felt happy, I think I cleaned my house(which I RARELY do) and I thought my kids were THE most adorable little pumpkin bites again. My advice is press on!