Thursday, October 21, 2010

sometimes i clean

let me say that right after i wrote my funky post, i asked nathan to invite our best friends over.  i was in need of multiple levels of companionship.
i needed my baby, and my dog, and especially my husband.  but i also needed some friends to come over and share all their good news.

of course - that meant i needed to clean house.  i couldnt have them coming over to nastiness (is that a word?). 

so i cleaned. and i did feel a little better. and i felt even a little better after our friends came over.

dont misinterpret me.  i am still feeling funky.  yesterday was better. mostly because i didnt have to do anything.
nathan goes to class on wednesday nights from 6 til 9.  so i have a couple hours to myself after lbj goes down. so at 655 (the earliest i have ever put lbj down. but i needed some me time), i went into my bathroom and lit a gobazillion candles. opened the windows so i could hear the rain, and poured myself a hot bath.
i made myself a coke. got a good romance book.  put one a thick facemask. and relaxed til the water was lukewarm.  i also did a huge exfoliation of my face and body with my susan lucci youthful essence microdermabrasion kit.  thanks susan!!

while not completely cured of my funk. i feel like i might be on the upswing.

plus its nice after all that relaxing to come downstairs and see a clean house.  and i think that is where im going with this ...

actually im not sure where i was going....

but let me leave you with this:

susan lucci has been nominated 21 times for a daytime emmy for her role as erica kane on AMC.
she has only won once ... this is not that time ...


nikki said...

i know i know. who comments on their own post? but i just have to say how freakin hysterical i find this video. i feel really bad for susan lucci. realy i do. but i also think its hilarious. shes so surprised she won. and she should be. because she didnt. ha ha ha.

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

it is really really funny and also very sad. that sucks!! ahaha-- but anyway, i'm sorry you are in a funk, but i am excited that you took some time for yourself to have a FABULOUS sounding bath. You'll come around--i always do when i'm in a funk. but it sucks while you are in it, for sure. hang in there!