Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what i am is special

i am incredibly sentimental. nostaligic.  i want to do certain things because it was how it was done when i was a kid.  i had a great childhood, and i want lbj to look back on these formative years with the same kind of fondness.

we watch sesame street, because i watched sesame street.  sometimes i am sad because i wonder - where is big bird? and grover?  and snuffy??  of course the show up on occasion. but its mostly elmo, abby, and murray.  and really, thats ok.  when lbj is watching the 65th season of sesame street with his kids, he will wonder where elmo is.  and he will remember his elmo doll, and his elmo chair.  just like i remember my very large big bird stuffed animal.  as big as me.  i loved him.

the new season of sesame street has begun.  and i am quite entertained.  i am appreciative that CTW has the creativity to engage parents into their programming as much as the little ones.  when i want to watch and engage, then it helps lbj to watch and engage.

so far - i am loving will.i.ams new sesame street song.  we play it in repeat around here, actually.

how can i get this on our ipod, so we can listen to it on road trips?

maybe its because of the trauma that ive experienced in my life - but i hold on dearly to the things that make me feel childlike.  and i love the lessons that are taught in so many of the books and videos that i read and watch with lbj.  they are simple, yet effective.  and a true reminder of who we are and who we can be.  
this song is just that for me.  i am special,  (i know, you knew that) and i can do anything i put my mind to.
including being a good mum for lbj.  

(i think ill spend a few blogs sharing with you other books and videos that share that message.  a reminder to us adults.  and good first lessons for our children)


sesame street is hilarious.  need proof?

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