Tuesday, October 12, 2010

winning the superbowl

nope.  i didnt really win the superbowl.  but i do love the disneyland/world commercials.

(yeah, this made me tear up. what?)

for months nathan has been planning a surprise.  over the months i got these clues:
1) i would know where we were going once we were on the road (whether that mean because of direction, or because thats when he was going to tell me, i dont know)
2) i was to pack comfortable clothes, and walking shoes.
3) when i started to pack my black flats, i was told "youll never wear those"  "NEVER?!"  "well, no.  maybe for like an hour"  .... im going to be gone for 7 days.  in that entire time, ill have one hour to wear my nice black flats?? where the heck am i going?
4)  i was to pack a separate bag for lbj.
5) lbj needs a baby jacket
6) i may need a light weight jacket or sweatshirt
7) i am told repeatedly, "dont get too excited. its not that great"

now, our best friends were also going on a surprise trip for their anniversary.  i thought they were going to disneyland, because that had been mentioned to me before. but, never confirmed.

thursday before our trip, jordan and kaitlynn come over.  and jordan gives kaitlynn a bag.  she pulls out some disney princess paraphernalia and some big box candies.  she quickly deduces they are roadtrippin to dland. screaming ensues.  i am totally jealous.  just that day i was looking up the temps in sedona, because i had decided that is where we were going for a few days of relaxation.  a few things that nathan said to me during the day had led me to believe i was on that right track with that guess.  so, im watching kaitlynn celebrate, and im wishing that was me.  nathan hands me a bag. i still honestly believe that im going to sedona. or flagstaff,or somewhere else in the middle of the desert.  and no where near as cool as the happiest place on earth.
i open it up, and immediately see something pink and shiny with some disney princess on it.  more screaming ensues.  we are going together (kaitlynn blogged it too ... here).  and then im off to catalina for the rest of the week with my fab sisterinlaw kelly and baby cooper.  DANG!  a whole week away.  a few days without lbj.  and im stoked.

the first day we got to cali, we dropped lbj off with grandma dee at long beach, where they got on the ferry to catalina.  nathan and i drove to anaheim, where i promptly got into bed, and had food delivered to my room.  i relaxed like i havent in 15 months.  lbj is napping now.  but im just waiting for that moment when he wakes up and its back to mom duty.  but when you have 4 days to yourself, i quickly and easily turned it all off and started relax.  of course the next morning, at dland, after our first ride, i decided id never go back without lbj. i had a fab time.  and that feeling wore off pretty quick. but i think from now on, we stay at the disneyland hotel, and use the babysitting service at night for alone time, and spend the day together.  or just do day trips, like we did in may with my family. (argh - i can already see the dollar signs piling up)

anyway - ill let some pics explain.  but suffice it to say, we had an amazing time in disneyland.  then i hopped on the ferry to catalina, where we spent most days sitting on the empty beach, relaxing (slash chasing birds).

thanks to an amazing husband who planned an awesome surprise week away for the family.



and catalina:


Annie. said...

That is definitely the coolest gift ever.

Em {orange + barrel} said...

Yay!!! How wonderful!

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

um that trip was AWESOME!!!!! and the pic of jackson snacking on chips is amazing.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

*LIKE!* :)
Glad you had a great time. Yeah for Nathan! Can't wait to see you guys soon in the LV!