Tuesday, October 12, 2010

wish you were here ...

i spent the entire month of september traveling.  jealous? i know.

i think i was home for 6 days, and not consecutive days .. just 6 random days of september.

we spent some time down in arizona. i love getting down there to hang with the dees.  i love them all, and we do tend to get loud and obnoxious when we are together. and thats the way i like it. (im already looking forward to christmas)

then i took a last minute trip to boston.  lbj did pretty freakin fantastic on the planes.  he has had quite a few hops to phoenix.  and we did chicago back in april.  but this was a long haul across the country.  but thanks to fantastic help from grandma derosa (and the extra seat she bought for lbj)  we made the trip like veterans.  im not gonna lie, but, im pretty sure i have the best baby around.  we spent some time in the city.  a couple hours at my most favorite childhood spot - the childrens museum.  and lbj could have spent hours there.  he wouldve skipped lunch and nap and been just fine with it.  however - when mum gets hungry, as we all know, its time to eat.  im a grumpy lil sucker when i dont get food. and yet, i cant figure out why i cant lose more weight. weird.

(on the carousel near faneuil hall)

(grandma and lbj on the swan boats)

once we were back from boston, nathan had a surprise trip planned for me.  to california!  it was prit much amazing.  you can read about it here.  or not.  whatever.

anyway, im home for awhile. so hopefully ill be back to blogging, better than ever.

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