Monday, November 01, 2010

can we have halloween every day?

the best halloween ever! 

(this is a long post ... so feel free to skim it SLASH not read it ... but i had to write it all out since i have the worst memory and may forget the time when lbj made me laugh for hours in one night)

we went to our very first (well for lbj and me) trunk or treat on wednesday night.  our costumes where the bride of frankenstein and her mad scientist creator, dr. frankenstein.  ever since lbjs hair got long and crazy we knew he had to be a mad scientist.  so i tried to create a family theme - nathan was to be the frankenstein monster, but opted out.  i have never been to a trunk or treat. i thought everyone dressed up.  as i got out of my car (very carefully, my hair was in a precarious position) i saw lots of little kids in costumes, and no adults in costume. i kinda freaked.  luckily, as i was about to have a panic attack right in the parking lot of the church building, i saw some adult friends dressed up. PHEW.

(bride of frankenstein and her creator)

trunk or treat went by horribly, in my opinion.  first of all, lbj was being trampled by children (when the invitation reads "first 200 kids receive door prize", you know theres gonna be a gobazillion kids).  with all the activity he was not understanding how to get the candy or put it in his pumpkin.  when we get back to our trunk, to help nathan hand out candy, we quickly run out. and when i say quickly, i mean, give or take 8 minutes.   i spent around 70$ on candy ... and we still had to turn away kids.  we were the lamest trunk at the trunk or treat for sure. 

between lbjs lack of understanding and my lack of knowledge ... i wasnt having high hopes for sunday.  

since all our candy was gone in the 10 minutes we spent at church on wednesday, we decided to bum off my parents and hand out their candy at their house.  i got all dressed up again.  because its fun for me.  and we got lbj all dressed up to perfection.  and once it was dark, nathan, lbj, grandpa and i went trick or treating.  since he didnt get it on wednesday, i was pretty sure we were going to hit up three houses and head home. 

we walk across to house one.  the lady LOVES lbj.  (who doesnt?)  she puts a candy in his pumpkin.  she puts in another.  but candy number three, lbj takes from her, and puts it in his pumpkin himself. we all laugh. thats a cute thing to do. we leave, and head to house two.  where he doesnt even wait for the man to put the candy in his pumpkin, he just takes it right away and puts it in himself.  by house four, hes got the picture.  we walk up, she holds out a bowl - and he takes TWO! to put in his pumpkin.  we start talking - and i look down, and lbj is loading up!  taking candy while we arent looking!  by house six he is taking the candy and running away to the next house before we can even say "thank you. happy halloween".

all three of us were laughing at this kid.  i couldnt believe how much he liked trick or treating.

unfortunately we end up at a house with no one home - so i tell lbj we have to go.  he falls to ground sobbing! he wants his candy! i really couldnt stop laughing.

but the next time we got to a house with no one home - he knocked on the door himself!  he was going to knock and knock til someone came!  from then on, i let him knock on all the doors.  we didnt even know he really knew how to do that (i didnt think knocking on the bathroom door while i take 30 seconds to myself transitioned to knocking for candy). 

i think we went to at least 15 houses.  and lbj wouldnt have stopped except i made him.  mean ole mummy. 
next year, i think we are going to have a hard time calling it quits, he wont be so easily persuaded.

once we got home, we showed grandma our very full pumpkin.  in fact, it was so full, lbj had trouble carrying it by himself near the end.  then - like hes known how to do halloween all his life - he takes out the candy one by one from the pumpkin to inspect it and decide what to eat. 

he hands a candy to me and says, "pease!"  and "cookie!" ... because obviously cookies and candies are interchangeable.  and what you are also probably realizing is that my kid knows what cookies and candies are.  yes.  yes he does.  i am not above giving him a cookie or candy to stay quiet while nathan and i eat dinner.  or while we are driving to arizona (or even the grocery store). 

the other really funny thing that lbj did during the evening was his grunting.  he likes to actually walk up and down stairs now, but he has to be holding someones hand, because he doesnt have all the necessary skills to do it on his own yet.  he started grunting with each step. like it was really hard work to get up and down the stairs.  "ehhh" "uuuuhhh"  over and over again.  and he got progressively louder as the night wore on. 

one of the houses was verrrry scary.  she did a great job with all her fog and decorations, and lbj was a little tentative walking through the courtyard. but once we got in, the woman had a singing and dancing frankenstein, and as soon as we were close enough to see and hear it, lbj starting dancing.  when he dances, it looks like he cant help himself, like its completely involuntary.  again, hilarious. and the woman thought he was adorable, dancing and taking candy at the same time.  again, who wouldnt?

overall, it was an awesome experience.  he did a great job. and i am wondering when he is going to ask me to knock on peoples doors again - because why wouldnt we do that every day?

(i couldnt draw on lbjs goggles alone on wednesday.  but with dads help i got them drawn on sunday. i also tried a different method for my hair on sunday)

(doesnt he look like he is actually working on a science experiment?  well, he is setting off the fog in the courtyard)

(grandpa, his nail in the head, and lbj)

one last note - my dad says to me, after being at his house for over an hour, "nicole, you know who you remind me of? the bride of frankenstein"  really, dad?  what gave me away?


Kaitlynn Bluth said...

I LOVE these pictures. we totally wish we could have gone trick or treating with you guys. You looked fabulous, as usual. :)

NateDee said...

Memba' that one time our kid grunted like Monica Seles while trick or treating?