Tuesday, November 02, 2010

i was hiding under your porch because i love you

reasons i love this mutt:

1) he really honestly believes hes a lap dog. and therefore curls into the smallest little ball on my lap on the couch. and he LOVES to cuddle.  just ask kim.

2) i can pet him without bending over at all.  we can stand side by side with my hand on his head.  a little "i love you" from me to him.

3)  he has been a lovely companion since gusgus has gone.  i cant imagine my life without my dogs.  and am so glad that nashdee is around to show me some awesome unconditional love.

4)  he loves lbj, and lbj loves him back. nashdee lets lbj get on his back and wrap his little arms around his neck.  and i just love it.  i love to watch lbj walk up to nashdee, squat, and place a fatty b fatty kiss right on nashdees chest.  in the morning i left nashdee into the babys room first, and lbj squeals with delight. nashdee sniffs lbjs face, and gives him kisses.  they are prit much best friends.  (and, why i tell myself i dont need another baby so lbj can have a friend)

(this is how lbj gets on nashdee.  and nashdee lets him. whatta dog)

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Kaitlynn Bluth said...

freaking adorable.