Monday, December 06, 2010

my bum is cold!

theres a lot of things i dont like about winter.  i am vegas born and bred. i like my heat, thank you very much.
and so winter is my least favorite time of year.

we lived in utah for a minute.  we made it through the first winter.  by the time the first snow fell on my face the next winter, we were packing up and leaving (literally). 

but let me tell you what i hate MOST about winter.  as it starts getting cold outside, my toilet seat gets cold. 
and i despise it.

sometimes nathan opens the window in our bathroom. and forgets to close it later.  and then at 10pm as im getting ready to go to bed, i open the door, a swoosh of cold air hits me, and i know ... KNOW ... my butt is in for it.

thanks nathan. for nothing.

id elaborate on this topic ... but i dont think its necessary.  you know what im talking about.  and its worse if you live where its cold.  i hate going to the bathroom when i visit boston for christmas.

if im ever rich and famous i am def investing in heated floors and heated toilet seats.
ill probably be featured on HGTV for insanely awesome bathrooms around the US.
look for it in the coming years.


Melynn said...

Ha ha...that is funny.

Estelle Darling said...

I feel ya, girlie.
I'm from South Louisiana and if the temp drops below 45, it's game over for me. OMG, and it's worse if the damn wind is blowing.
Brrrr. No thanks.