Wednesday, January 05, 2011


many people had a rough 2010. i know because lots of people blogged about it or put up a FB status message about it.  and i dont need much more confirmation than those two highly reliable sources.  generally its where i get my news, lets be honest.

2010 was not horrible for me.  but i dont remember it being awesome either.  i have a horrible memory.  things i do remember from 2010:

i lost 30 pounds! awesome!
lbj turned 1. and grandma threw him the most spectacular party EVER! also, awesome!

my annual weekend of fun for july 4th with my bestie jojo and all our dc lub! awesome!

we went to chicago to visit jojo! awesome!
we went to boston to visit gg, bonnie and tommy  ... awesome!
we went to yellowstone with the dee family ... awesome!
made my first wedding cake ... for tbone and samms wedding (finally) ... double awesome!!
went to disneyland with my family - lbjs first trip (which, ps, was a total success) ... awesomeness!
nathan surprised me with trip to disneyland - without lbj!  MORE awesome!
headed out to catalina - for what seems to be an annual trip - AWESOME!

ok ... wait .... 2010 was AWESOME on top of AWESOME!
how am i going to top it??
first order of business - come up with a new word for 2011.  
maybe 2011 will be stupefying, instead of awesome.
or wondrous?

thats probably it ... herculean.  like that of heracles.
i am going to do 12 labours equal to those of the mythical hero.

i really like this idea. and am going to spend some time working out my 12 items to make 2011

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