Wednesday, January 26, 2011



thats my new word.  ive been saying it in multiple situations:

"blargh! i want to eat your baby because shes so darn cute"  (and yes, whenever i see cute babies, with fabulous cheeks, my first thought is to devour them. whole. with some ranch maybe?)

blargh! i cant find the remote, and now im forced to watch 5 episodes of amazing wedding cakes in a row!

blargh! im feeling down in the dumps and so im going to eat onion rings and pizza.
followed immediately by:
blargh! im so fat. i want to throw up!

blargh! im so excited to go to arizona!


blargh! its 11pm and i havent packed. havent cleaned. and havent finished my online classes.  all of which i need to do if i want to leave at 9 am tomorrow for arizona. blargh!  (that deserved TWO blarghs)

wondering how things have been going here?  well now you know.  
its PMS, pizza, and WEtv/lifetime/hallmark channel

and if i comment on your blog ... or make a FB status (or status response) ... using the word "blargh" - just pretend it means ANYTHING you want.  

because thats what i do.

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lovely by m said...

You would absolutely love my baby then, you would probably double dip her in ranch....