Monday, January 24, 2011

checking in

I do not check in on lbj as he sleeps. In fact, i cannot recall a night in the last 19 months where i initiated a check in.

Apparently ... its not my thing. Dont get me wrong - ive seen my child sleep. After nathan goes in and then waves me in for a peek.

But tonight ... i was missing my lbj. Probably because nathan left town. And i was all by my lonesome.

I crept to the door ... turned the handle ... and it immediately made a large clanky noise. My thought was "oh crap. Just open the door and get in". But of course as i pushed the door open, it too made a huge creaky noise. So - with a clank and a creak, lbj wakes up. He said some indistinguisable word. And i debated whether or not to go in. Ultimately i still wanted to see him ... so in i went. As i walked in i pushed the door nearly closed behind me. Now, why cant i see lbj? Whenever nathan does this i can see his angelic face (the baby...not nathan. Though he has a very wonderful face too). Oh. I shut the door blocking out the hall light. So i open it ....with a creak. And lbj is on all fours trying to figure out why some crazy lady is making so much noise in his room at this ridiculous hour.
I rub his back. I think he falls back asleep. And then i slip out. Relatively silently.

The moral of this story ... there is a reason i do not check on sleeping babies. Leave that job to daddy. Otherwise i may end up a very unhappy awake mum at 1am with my equally unhappy baby.
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