Monday, January 10, 2011

herculean 2011 (part one)

i have been working diligently (and by diligently, i mean about 10 minutes last week) on my "12 labors of my herculean 2011" ...

so far i have come up with a few things ...

i want to take some handgun classes, and get my CCW.  why?  absolutely no reason.
but Heracles had to kill a boar, and a deer, and lots of other stuff ... so i just want to be prepared.

He also had to clean some stables.  look ... i clean up after lbj on a daily basis, isnt that enough? i also mop my floors EVERY monday.  still not enough??
no?  fine.  i also vow to head up to red rock and participate in at least 6 red rock clean ups throughout the year.
ill need to get myself a backpack to throw lbj in for the ride.

look ... we all know that heracles was in good shape.  i mean he was half-god, and all.  i doubt i can look that good.  but i am going to lose another 30lbs, and get down under 25% body fat.

i also have a HUGE ... and i mean HUGE ... desire for my fourth labor.  nathan says he doesnt like it, and doesnt think ill do it.  so im mulling it around.  just wait for it blog. wait for it.

 until i can come up with seven or eight more herculean efforts for 2011, these will have to do.

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