Tuesday, January 04, 2011

merry christmas!

dang! what a great holiday season it has been!  
we spent an awesome week in arizona with the whole dee clan.  we were able to do a christmas eve dinner, see the temple lights, watch jordan perform.  uncle tbone and auntie samm took lbj for a sleepover - which gave us a wonderful morning of sleeping in.  they are the best!  ben, debs and the kids drove down - and we all crowded into grandma and grandpas house.  nathan and i were able to slip away for dinner at our besties - jordan and kaitlynns house. where i was most impressed by kaitlynns ability to put up christmas lights on her house all by herself.  (we never have christmas lights, because nathan is afraid of heights ... and welll ... i guess im just too lazy too do it by myself).  all the dee girls got to go out for a pedi/mani appointment ... we missed samm though, because she got sick :o(  the boys went out for a boys night and saw true grit.  nathan got to go golfing a couple of times.  and i read two books while i was there.  overall, it was pretty much amazing. 

we were also overwhelmed with gifts - i pretty much can set up my very own wedding cake shop here in the house now that i have all the gear! nathan got a grill and beautiful leather jacket! lots of books (as usual) and lbj ... well he got so much that we are going to turn the downstairs office into a play room.  literally.  he got so much i have no where to put it all.  he got his baby laptop, which im super excited about - since it means he wont touch mine anymore.  and a quiet book for church.  which we will only have to use for one hour, now that hes going to nursery!!!

but lbj was most excited about getting his cookie monster.  
as usual there isnt much to say - but he gets so flippin excited he runs in circles.  he cannot control himself. 
just watch the video! (its a bit long, sorry)

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Kelly said...

Bhahaha! Super cute! But what caught my eye was ALL the presents in the background! Holy Smokes! Can I come to Grandpa and Grandma DeRosas' house for Christmas next year? :)