Monday, January 03, 2011

snow day!

it was a christmas miracle!  snow fell in las vegas, and stuck!
when i woke up this morning, and saw the winter wonderland outside, i immediately got lbj ready for a snow day.

we started out in the backyard, where lbj tried to mow the lawn.  nashdee tried to eat the snow balls. it was interesting.

after breakfast we headed back out - to the park.  which turned out to be great.  lbj had a blast, and we ran into another mom and her boy and we made a snowman together.  well im actually just going to take credit for it, when actually the other lady did all the work.  i was mostly proud that my kid didnt knock it over - since that is his new thing.  

but the best part of the day was when i told myself - nikki, you should put on some makeup before you head to the park.  

wanna know why?

because i got interviewed by channel three news.  turn it on tonight people - i will be there. talking about how awesome i am.  and how awesome las vegas is.  lbj will be there too. he probably got more camera time than me.  but im pretty sure the camera guy wanted to film me more - but i told him, hey, you gotta focus on the kids, man.  i did try to position myself, however, so that i was in practically every shot.  even the ones of the other mom and her kid.   

here are a couple of pictures of the day ... and dont forget to wake up with the wagners.  no wait ... thats the early morning show.  well whatever - just turn on the news tonite - channel 3.  before john ralston comes on. you should see me in all my glory.  and lbj too.  being the cutest baby at the park.  (especially since he was the only baby at the park)


Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

You should record yourself on the news and post it. I love seeing people I know on TV. It makes me feel important :o)

NateDee said...

Nicole're my heeero!