Monday, February 14, 2011

love ya!

happy valentines day, little blog. 

since i started blogging 10 years ago as of this year, i thought maybe i should reflect on what changes in 10 years.

first of all, a lot. 

10 years ago, on valentines day, i was in high school.  we were buying cookie-grams, candy-grams, or some other 'gram' to give to our one true love (or .. our best friends). 

in fact, every time a delivery person (some other school mate) walked into a classroom to interrupt the lecture/nap time (i had some serious senioritis) i had visions of getting a gram from a cute boy who had never before professed his love for me, but was taking this moment - this incredibly romantic holiday - to send me some chocolate, via the student council, to let me know that he wanted me to be his. probably forever.  basically it was a marriage proposal, right?

suffice it to say, all my grams came from laurens and audreys, and other girlie names.  if a boy did send me a gram, i have long since forgotten, as it was not the marriage proposal (or even the date-proposal) that i so desperately was hoping for. 

fast forward ten years.  as we lay in bed last night, i was day dreaming about my husband getting a babysitter. about how i would clean the house, so this secret babysitter wouldnt come over to a dirty home, and then i would shower and look beautiful when nathan arrived home.  i was even going to straighten my hair.  i had already told nathan two months ago where i wanted to go for valentines.  and then again reminded him two weeks ago, upon his request.  so i thought, for sure, he has the whole night planned out for us.  then nathan rolled over and said something.  i dont remember what exactly it was, but what i do remember was it meant we were not going to roys for seafood tonight.  

but crab cakes really arent that important.  im married to a loving husband.  who i want to spend forever with.  he puts up with me ... and that says a lot.  we get along, nearly all the time. and we have a wonderful family.   

the most important thing about today, is that i have a man signing my candy-grams.  for today ... and always.

o man, im getting sappy. 

enjoy valentines day, blog.

and ...

keep it classy!

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Kaitlynn Bluth said...

Happy Valentine's Day. This was very romantic, btw. :) I finally have a man signing my candygrams too!!