Thursday, April 28, 2011

pardon the interruption

seven years ago today, i was baptized a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

i am very grateful for a friend who challenged me to change my lifestyle seven years ago.  i dont know where or what i'd be today had she not.  nathan thinks that deep down im a pretty straight arrow, and i would have been fine.  but, who knows?  its one of those what-ifs in life.  but not the kind that you always wonder about, and think things could have been different, if not better.  

i am happier now than i have ever been.  i am more secure in knowing who i am.  i am a daughter of god, who is loved.  i am a member of his true church. which is an organization that does good not only for its members, but for everyone in the world community.  i am a good, real example of the change that the gospel can bring into one's life.  

i know there is a lot of animosity towards the church.  i read all the comments in the religion section of the huffington post, people. but my choice hurts no one.  it is a choice for me.  a choice that my husband, and eternal companion, has also made.  we made it separate from one another, but are now able to grow and learn together.    i am constantly confused by the mean and hurtful things people say about the church.  generally not about the members - as most of the comments start out with "all the mormons i know seem like nice people, but ...".  however, i am comforted in knowing that i am one of those "nice people" (not to toot my own horn, or anything), and that in the end, i have faith that things will work out. 

ah, to each his own.  i am confident that i made the right choice seven years ago.  i am happy and healthy. 
i am blessed.


Kelly said...

Love this post! Congratulations Nikki!

Roylance Fam said...

loved it..that is is all:) xoxo

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

I love this. Congrats. Well said.