Saturday, May 21, 2011

adult friends

last night, as in thursday night (since it is still friday night to me if i havent yet gone to sleep at 330 am), i was very sad.

i hate being an adult.  its so lame. the MOST lame thing for me is the inability i have to make friends as an adult. either a) i am way less awesome than i was in high school and college or b)... nope ...  i have nothing else.  this is the what ive decided the problem is. 
its not you.  its me. 

last night was the ward's summer picnic in the park.  or the may version of it.  i think we have one at the end of summer too.  none the less, we show up.  i have my side dish.  the same one i always bring ... tomato salad.  i always come home with an empty bowl.  either it looks appetizing, so people scoop it up and then hate it.  or it looks appetizing and it actually is.  if its not, i would hope these people would stop scooping it up.

back to why i was sad, because im obviously not sad that people like my tomato salad! 
i am sad because i had no one to sit with!  its just like lunch in high school on the first day.  where do the popular kids sit?  thats where i want to be.  but they all know each other already, so i need to get in at another table where even if they arent cool, they are nice and want to go see the game on friday night (or whatever high schoolers do these days).  let me just clarify, i dont know if there are actually "cool-tables" in the adult world.  if there are, i have no idea who is sitting at them.  what i do know, is im not sitting at that table or any other for that matter.  we sat alone.  

cue the sad face.

there were lots of groups of people sharing blankets and laughing.  and then there was us.  silent. and alone.

am i making you sad yet? 

good.  next time im sitting alone, pretend its because im SO cool people are intimidated by me, and then join me at the adult popular table. or the adult sci-fi/comic book table.  or the adult drama club table.  or the adult band table.  or the adult jock table. 
seriously. whatever you want it to be - i can make that happen.  as long as im not alone.


Annie. said...

I would have sat by you!

Funny how those insecurities don't COMPLETELY go away when you become an adult. I have them too :)

Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

We think you guys are pretty much the coolest, most hilarious people ever! I am with you with making friends. The best thing is at least having the hubs by your side.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Def not easy to make friends as you get older. Then, once you do, it's hard to keep and maintain them because so often life just gets in the way. From my perspective sis, the party is wherever you are. You are pretty much one of the coolest people I've ever met. Love you!

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

:( you are one of my best girlfriends and i miss you tons. and we became friends when we were both adults..... :)

The Burtons said...

In my last ward I felt like that ALL the time. I seriously felt like I was speaking German the way people would look at me. And, now we live in Mesa. :)
In your case, those people are all missing out. People pay a lot of money to get the laughter and entertainment you guys hand out!