Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i know, everyone loves adele.  i am not alone. and youve probably already been listening to this song on repeat for weeks, just like me. 

what you probably haven't been doing is dancing like me.  let me try to adequately describe my moves so you can imitate them at home.  so im chest popping (of course, who wouldnt, when youve got what ive got), to the beat. raising my arms!  raising my knees!  stomping my feet! 

ive got it! imagine african tribal dancing.  i think that im doing something like that.

but the best part is when  lbj wants to join in.  so i pick him up like a little baby. and he holds on for dear life as i stomp and swing him around.  all while going in circles.  maybe ill make nathan tape this nonsense for you tonite and post it.  that would be sweet. 

im going to see if i can make that happen. 

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Just started listing to Adele and L-O-V-E her! Even Jayden loves listening to her stuff now. Oh, and I would pay to see the aboriginal like dancing of you and LBJ. Too funny.