Saturday, June 25, 2011

the saurus

i got some pretty awesome christmas gifts growing up.  a bike, piano, a beautiful red velvet robe with a faux white fur neck.  yes.  you read that right.  velvet robes are an AWESOME gift.

but i also received some weird gifts.  when i was about 9 years old, i tore open the wrapping of a new book.  i love new books!  this one was big and thick.  but it had bugs bunny and that little yellow bird on the front.
and the title was "TheSaurus".  is this about dinosaurs??  

i was incredibly confused.  i remember wondering why my parents got me a HUGE book about dinosaurs, that was apparently going to be narrated by the looney tunes.  

i put it away and didnt look at it again for a very long time.  until i learned what a thesaurus was.  about two years later.  for two years i thought my parents got me a book about dinosaurs and bugs bunny.  i wish i had a picture so i could show you how they made the 'S' look bigger in the title.  it looked like two words, dangit!  

i felt idiotic.  and im sharing this tale with you now, because im writing an essay and am using to find as many words for 'arrogant' as possible.  but whenever i use a thesaurus, i remember, with great clarity, the moment of confusion when i opened that present. 

and well ...

that's all, folks!

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