Thursday, July 28, 2011

dear friend,

yesterday i was scrubbing the grout of my tile floors.  i was on my hands and knees breathing in some nasty chemicals for almost 4 hours.

i know what youre thinking - nikki! youre so amazing!! you do so much around your home to make everyone so happy.

yes. you are right. i do.

but, thats not why im telling you about being on our floors like that for so long.  i scrub the grout on a quarterly basis, its what i do. but, while i was scrubbing, i was thinking of blogging.  what can i talk about on my blog?  in fact, i have a post, mid-write (?) as we speak about movie goers.  its what im calling a "per-request" post.

im writing it because i want to. but i also know someone specific wants to read it (she told me so!). while i was thinking about this "grout" post, that same person came to mind.  she knows how proud i am of my grout cleaning abilities. 

and then i thought.  holy crap!  am i just writing letters to my one friend?  i think i am.  this blog is just a farce! an elaborate pen-pal system! my parents and my sister dont even follow my blog.  who am i writing for!?! 

this proceeded to become a huge existential debate between me, myself and i.  all of which, im blaming on the chemicals

apparently i got over it.  because i here i am writing.  to you.  yes, you!  
(which could be me, since sometimes i come to my blog and reread what ive written. im cool like that)
(but mostly for you)

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Kaitlynn Bluth said...

i am positively beaming with pride. I am sure others read your blog but I am super excited to read your movie goer blog!!!! and I can't believe you are doing the grout again--has it been that long?? :) Miss you and see you soon!!!