Wednesday, July 13, 2011

herculean 2011 - part two

man.  we are half way through 2011 and i havent done ANYTHING herculean this year. 

im horrible at new years resolutions.  i mean trying to come up with 12 things that are AMAZING! is hard.  
plus all the stuff i did last year was just stuff i did, i didnt plan it.

i can be a planner.  but i can also be totally spontaneous.  like two years ago, when i went to catalina for the first time, LBJ wasnt even two months old and i just said "lets do it!!!"  (pretend i sound like ty from extreme makeover) ... and we left.  thats how i roll people. 

ive made three trips to disneyland with a toddler.   thats pretty freakin herculean.  im going to put that on my list for the end of the year as something ive accomplished.

i went shot gun shooting (no ccw for me yet), and was voted most improved in the few hours we were there. i mean, i could kill a boar. for sure.  

ive attempted to potty train.  no win on that situation yet though.  but we are working on it. and i will overcome!!!  (even though LBJ thinks there is a snake in our toilet...)

i went back to work part time.  dang! thats totally herculean.

ok ok.  im feeling better. the next few months will totally bring forth lots of herculean type opportunities, of which i will snatch up and have an awesome 2011 (as planned)!!!

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