Thursday, August 18, 2011

i am lazy

today i read an article with a graph that stated that the average age for potty trained boys is 2 years and 10 months.  i was feeling pretty good about that.  LBJ is a ferocious little bugger when it comes to things that he "wants" to do.  he is, simply put, stubborn.

with all things LBJ, i have come to rely on instinct, on "feeling" the rightness of something.  two years and two months in, i feel like its worked well.    some may question this method of parenting.  (your mom might question it) (yes, that was a "your mom" joke. get over it)

my instinct is telling me, LBJ isnt there yet, as far as potty training goes. if i push to hard, he will just push back.  perhaps, though, this is just an excuse for my laziness.  please see below comments on the article i read today.

People who wait to potty train their children must be lazy, or think that there is something more important (usually just them being lazy). I also think that its disgusting for people to think that its okay for children who are perfectly able to use the toilet (I'd say past 2.5 or so) to use the bathroom in their pants. That's just not normal.

I think waiting to potty train your child until they are 3 is ridiculous and lazy parenting!! Why when we were kids the average age like 1.5 years and now it's three!! I will potty train at 18 months. Just like all my siblings were.

so, what i have learned is, a) all people, at least a generation ago, were potty trained by 18 months. b) that i am disgusting for putting a diaper on my kid. and c) i am lazy

its probably all true.  

i mean, LBJ did, you know, number two today in a diaper. and it was disgusting.  
in addition, i could be using this valuable time to potty train, but instead im blogging.  

man, i am so lazy and disgusting!

want to see the article? and the comments?
go here


Annie. said...

oh my goodness, WHAT is it with people around here and the race to potty train your child? so stupid. we are waiting at LEAST another 6 months. i love the convenience of diapers and not having to make stops all over town or stop right in the middle of a trip to target to run to the bathroom. :)

sorry, that's my 2 cents!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Wow... how great it must be to sit on such a high horse and spew ridiculous and ignorant judgements about an entire society of parents... and genuinely think that you are the one person in the world who has it right and all figured out. This is one of the most ignorant quotes I've ever heard. Comparable to the Giselle Bundchen quote about breast feeding. Oy.