Friday, August 12, 2011

lay off me!

guys. i had a break down.

nope. my car is fine.

as is my nervous system.

but yesterday was the crappiest day ever. and, since i am an emotional eater. and nothing in my house is satisfying in that way (blaaarrrgh! weightloss goals!), i sent nathan off to buy me dinner and bring it home so i could mope in my pjs while stuffing my face.

it was 31$ we shouldnt have spent.

making us 34$ over our spending fast! (remember that silly 3$ smoothie?)

i felt horrible about it. but not horrible enough to stop us.

what i am telling myself is that its the 12th, that i know we are making dinner tonite at home. as we are tomorrow. and then its sunday. that will bring us halfway through the month. and if halfway through the month, we have only eaten out once, im pretty much considering that a miracle.

so, lay off me. im starving!


Miss Priss Morgan said...

Isn't it so funny how what used to be a normal, menial expense is such a big deal on the spending fast?! The guilt! ha ha, you're doing just fine. My first month I was like $200 over budget!

Annie. said...

Hahahahaha, I LOOOOOVE that Chris Farley skit!

I turn to food when I've had a bad day, too...gosh I gotta break that habit.

Most of all though, I'm just sorry you had a bad day. :( Here's hoping today was better!

NateDee said...

As the epically bad day is now far enough removed for some wise cracking, I thought I would remind you that dollars are written as follows, $34, not 31$.

Just sayin'

nikki said...

youre mom writes $31