Monday, August 01, 2011

money money money

nathan and i are extremely lucky.  we have extremely similar spending habits, and therefore rarely (if ever?) fight over money.  we both like to eat out (weird, huh) and arent big shoppers.

last week, i spent almost an entire day tracking our last 7 months worth of spending.  literally breaking it down line by line and looking at our visa, amex and atm/bank cards.  what i found was unsurprising.  we spend more than we should, and most of that extra spending goes to food.  we have a budget, that we apparently have NEVER stuck to.  except for april.  i dont know what happened in april, but april was good to us.  i want every month to be like april. 

so - i have challenged nathan to a month long spending fast, beginning today.  this is going to be hard, as we are going to arizona for a weekend, my penpal and her husband are going to stop in for a couple of days, and then some family is coming to town for the last weekend of the month.  its kind of intense to actually think about it.

but, i really want to do it. mostly so we can FEEL where the money is going.  we know enough to not really spend over our means, but we also aren't entirely careful.  so this month is necessities only.  bills, gas, and food at the grocery store.  

it means no buying any amazon mp3s (nathan)
it means no buying any golf equipment or art supplies or random things at target (mostly me)
no clothes (i am giving myself one exception there - lbj has grown out o f his shoes, so i am going to have to buy him one pair)
and especially no eating out (both of us!)

ill let you know how it goes.  wish us luck!

as a side note, i read this blog: morgan makes cents
her brother and i were friends once upon a time, so i started blogstalking her 
and now she is doing a YEAR LONG spending fast. shes intense. and awesome. 


Miss Priss Morgan said...

You're the best!!! Good luck to you guys. It sucks, and it is hard, but in the end it so worth it! You can do it!!!

Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

We eat our money too, so I know what you mean. It stinks to not have anything to show for it (except my clothes are all tighter). Good luck and make sure to post how it goes. Maybe you will inspire us too.