Thursday, August 11, 2011

red light green light

today i ran a red light. 

i dont think that i have done that since i was in a horrible car accident just months after my 16th birthday.  i totaled my car, and without seatbelts, may have seriously harmed myself or others.  it was a terrifying event, to say the least.  and it was my fault.  a stupid error, and i mistakenly went through a red light.

years later, i remember being in a residential neighborhood.  it was late, at least midnight.  and i was at a red light. for 13 minutes. im not joking.  but i couldnt bear to run the light.  i just never ever saw myself running a red light ever again. 

and now, even more years later, i did it. 

after dropping LBJ off at preschool, i headed into work.  again i was at a light in a relatively residential area.  i saw through two "rotations" of green lights for the cars going straight.  but my left turn arrow never came.  the person in front of me ran the red arrow on that second green (straightaway) light.  then the light turned red, and the perpendicular traffic went again.  they stopped. the light for the straight traffic turned green. but my arrow was still red.  i had been there nearly 10 minutes.  i look in my review mirror, looking for the coppers.  seeing none (and also seeing the woman behind me also checking for the po-po), i made my move. 

left turn on red!

i went. 

the woman behind me went.

and so did the truck behind her.

we were all rebels today.  it was scary for me.  but i did it.  i probably wouldnt have with LBJ in the car.  but just me.  meh. i live on the edge!

(cant you tell)

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NateDee said...

Oh, I can tell...