Monday, August 29, 2011

this weekend...

was prit much amazing.  we had family in town from minnesota and it was fab!
we went to bb kings (again) and ate and danced and listened to the band.  
on saturday we went to aria and ate crab legs and lobster at the buffet.  and then saw viva elvis.
i cried. a lot. i didnt realize i had such emotions for elvis.  but, apparently, i do.

but what might have been the best part of the weekend was getting up early saturday morning and working with my sister and cousin on a seriously creative and fun project.

as you may know, my sister just graduated from FIDM, and is continuing her education at CalArts.  she is a fashion/costume designer and stylist (to the stars!) (im not kidding.  did you see the glee concert or movie? she styled that show.  yeah. shes awesome)

a couple of weeks ago, i emailed her and said i was feeling pretty creative and wanted to do a little photoshoot.  so for my cousins birthday, we treated her to a three hour session in the red rock hills.  shes basically model material.  (our stylist was buying size ones.  i havent seen size ones since i was eight. at best.)

here are a couple of teasers:

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Wow! Did you take those pictures? Is that your cousin in them? She's gorgeous. Awesome pics. Again... impressive. I was just telling Kel yesterday that we should get pics of all the kids when we're all together at Thanksgiving... although, perhaps you could shoot them...