Thursday, September 01, 2011

the results are in

august was a challenge month at our house.
nathan and i committed to a month long spending fast, as well as a workout/diet regimen.
both were very successful!

like i said at the beginning of the month, we spend too much. not really out of our means.  but more than we should.  and mostly on silly things.  aka eating out.  which is probably why we are fat.  and by sticking to one goal, we were able to accomplish the other.

so, i have budgeted $400 a month for grocery shopping.  that includes toiletries and dog food.  
guess what ... this month we spent 374.96!  HOLY SMOKES PEOPLE!!! we stayed on budget.

as far as the spending fast goes - here is where we went over:
eating out - we had a few mishaps here and there - and so we spend about $48 eating out.
not perfect. but not bad either, if you ask me.  

other places we spent money
a babysitter. $35 (my family took us out to dinner and to see Viva Elvis.  free entertainment? yes please! i'll pony up to pay a babysitter in that case!)
pizza for said babysitter.  $20

and i shopped!  ugh! in my previous post i mentioned doing a photoshoot with my cousin.  so i purchased a new tripod and a reflector set that ive really been wanting.  with amazon prime free shipping - i spent $30
i also bought ice and water bottles for a picnic - at $7.54

i bought LBJ shoes - but that was allowed this month - at $47

nathan got a haircut - $18.  that was sort of a necessity.  he was getting shaggy, and as a salesman in front of people, he cant really put that off. 

nathan got some golf shirts and some going out shirts - all paid with gift cards!

so all in all - $140 and change spent eating out and shopping. not including the necessities i mentioned above. 
i have budgeted $100 for eating out and another $100 for shopping and entertainment.  so even with the necessities, we basically stayed on budget.  plus the left over from my AMAZING grocery shopping.

i cannot tell you how happy i am that we did this.  that we not only committed to it.  but we worked hard to stay on target.  even despite our moments of weakness, we were able to stay on budget. and therefore put money into savings this month!

thanks morgan for such a great idea!!!

as an added bonus.  i lost seven pounds.  


Miss Priss Morgan said...

Hooray for staying under budget! I went almost $600 over in August, so you're blowing me out of the water!

DeeBoyzMomma said...

So proud of you guys. Really motivating. Awesome, awesome job. Very impressive.

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

SO proud!!! Congrats!!!!!! i miss you three (and nashdee I guess... :)