Wednesday, October 12, 2011

anyone who ever talks to me knows the serious reservations i have of adding another child into our family.

LBJ is a good boy.  most of the time.  except when hes not.  and those times are excruciating.  as in - i am finding you a new home little boy.  and im not even going to cry when you leave.  (jk jk.  i cry at commercials. cmon!)

the things that i loved about LBJ when he was one, are the things i struggle with the most now that he is in his twos. LBJ has always been very independent.  which was awesome when other kids at preschool were suffering from separation anxiety, and LBJ was saying "mom who?".  or while i was cooking dinner he was in the backyard ... doing something. 

but now it means i say, we are having tacos for dinner and he says "no! chicken!".  awesome, LBJ, you have an opinion! i love it! no, really, i do!  but shut it. i made tacos.  and thats what we are having. 

i know. i know.  "no" is the word of the year for two year olds.  and probably three year olds too.  but LBJ seems especially stubborn to me.  i must make him think everything we do, eat, say etc. is his idea.

luckily - im married.  and you married ladies know - we do that to our husbands all the time! can i get an "amen"!

gosh im funny.  

havent you missed my blogging?

look, the point of this post, was that i just texted nathan (who is conveniently out of town), and told him LBJ was good today. it was a good day.  and i felt like, as i wrote it, that i have to really point out the days that arent a constant struggle.  because those days exist.  where its just me and LBJ fighting it out.

but, on that same note, i feel like im saying "it was a good day" more often. 

which means for my little eggies - there is still hope for you!  
(but i reserve the right to change my mind yet again tomorrow)




NateDee said...

Babe! You're hilarious!! And seriously, prit much the best mommy there ever was. It's a solid tie between you and my own mommy.

I love love love you, and I miss you mucho.


The Burtons said...

I hear ya! I've had to re-bust out all my parenting books recently. Parenting is so frustrating sometimes!