Saturday, October 08, 2011

dear old friend from college

sometimes you meet people who are not in your life forever.  but they mean something to you forever.

10 years ago, i went to college and met some awesome people (oh, yeah. and some not awesome people).

one of the awesome ones is in med school far away from home.  and she tweets sad tweets.  because she is meeting some not awesome people, i think.  and youre always sad when you are away from home.  at least i am.

this awesome person was someone who i totally connected with 10 years ago.  i loved her dearly for a minute. we had a class together. we had inside jokes together.  and then i moved away from DC.  and now i follow her on twitter and facebook.  i havent seen her since i left DC.  

but some people just make an impression on you.  if we had dinner tonite, i dont know what we would talk about.  i have a horrible memory - so i probably wouldnt remember any of our mutual friends names.  or cute guys we both crushed on.  but im pretty sure we could pick up at the present and have a great conversation about what a great person she is. and how she has to push through the BS and make it through school.  

because thats what i would say to her if we were at dinner.

i dont know what it is about some people.  they are in your life for a short time. and mean the world then.  and then .. in this day in age ... we passively stalk each other on social media sites.  

so this is just a non-passive letter to my old friend, to let her know ive got her back! youre beautiful and awesome. and if i were in the ATL i would throw you a bathing suit dance party!

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Katy. said...

you are beautiful. and amazing. and I tell myself every single day, if I could go back in time I would want to re live college over and over again....they were the best days of my life.