Saturday, December 03, 2011

dont judge me ...

because i do it fine all by myself. thank you very much.

the other night, nathan really wanted ice cream.  we were both in PJs.  but, since im such an awesome wife (dont worry, the judging comes later), i offered to go to the gas station to get him a huge chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

i was already embarrassed to go into the gas station like that.  but, who am i going to see in the gas station? other people in pajamas, thats who.

but, when there were no huge ice cream cookies to be found, i decided to hop on over to albertsons. when i pulled into my parking space, i looked up to see a beautiful audi in front of me.  the license plate holder alerted me that the driver of this automobile was a UPenn alum.

for those of you who didnt know - that was my dream school.  it was a reach school - and i knew it.  but i just had this  burning desire to go to school there.  and i really thought deep down, they would see something in me, and pick me.  (i imagined college admissions like a game of kickball in third grade.  the team captains picked their team, and you just hoped you werent picked last).  suffice it say, the didnt see that special something.

so here i am staring at the back of a beautiful expensive car, belonging to a person who probably has an awesome job that he got with his awesome degree.  and he probably wasnt shopping in jammies.

nope.  that was me.

that sad old lady in the ice cream her 8pm...alone...without a degree from an ivy league. 

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