Thursday, January 26, 2012

pack it up, pack it in

let me begin.

with christmas.  
thats as far back as im willing to go in my adventures. and ill just blog forward from there.  probably. 
and fyi - this will probably be long. but it will have photos!!!

so this year we made the trek back to boston to see GG (great grandma jean), auntie bonnie and uncle tom.   despite only seeing tom once, maybe twice a year - he is, no doubt, one of LBJs favorites.  probably the less you see LBJ (and therefore the less you have to discipline him), moves you up on his favorite scale.  since i spend about 95% of the time with him, im pretty sure im his least favorite right now.  ah, the joys of motherhood.

moving on.  we opted to split the plane ride into two trips with a layover.  it seemed to work well last summer when i took LBJ out to boston for a summer visit, so we tried it again.  he was awesome!  we flew from vegas to detroit.  had a layover for lunch/dinner.  and then on to boston. where we arrived just in time for bed time.  putting LBJ immediately onto east coast time.  im pretty sure it could not have been better.  then we spent the next few days hoping for snow.  to no avail.  i promised LBJ some outdoor time in the snow at GGs house.  and mother nature ruined it for him. and for me.  because really, auntie rachel promised me to take LBJ out for an hour in the snow. and i had big plans for that hour of alone time.  big "reading a book in complete silence" plans.  
...does that apply here?...

ah well.  rachel did take LBJ with poppop and uncle tom and alex to pick out a christmas tree.  apparently there were animals to pet and playgrounds to play on.  so LBJ was happy.

(sombody's a nervous auntie!)

we are a family who loves a good game.  this year i bought a bingo set. and we played.

oh we played. for mon-ay!  good thing the coppers didnt find out about our illegal gambling.  they might've busted in and taken my twelve dollah bills, yo. 

we took all our winnings and got one of these bad boys:

we got all dressed up:

got in the limo 

and then acted a fool:

all had a great time at the pops.  as per usual.  and it was followed by an awesomely huge and delicious dinner.
i was so busy stuffing my face (hey i didnt lose 10lbs so i could go on vacation and not eat), that i didnt get any pics. 

we decorated our tree.  and then waited for santa:

 and he came.  oh yes he did.  apparently we were all good this year.  because this is just half the room.  the other half looks just like this:

we had our annual christmas poppers filled with a joke, a crown and toy (because who doesnt need another?)  and then some good grub.

thats christmas in a a very big nutshell.
things i did not photograph, but really should have, are the three trips to my brothers place for sandwiches. yup. three times i ate steak and cheese wrap. 

and then we got on a plane and flew home.  i could barely fit in my seat after all the food and candies.

but i made it work.  and now we are home recovering!


Kaitlynn Bluth said...

LOVE. And by the way, YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE. the picture of you in the purple dress before you go out is amazing. My jaw dropped and I was so impressed. Check you out!!! :)

Tyler Ross Salvini said...

you look HOT! so sad i wasnt in boston to see you :(

Neta said...

Great pictures! Especially the one with all of the presents...brings me back to 1998 (I think that was the year)! There were so many presents even then!
Miss you xoxo!