Tuesday, January 31, 2012


a couple of weeks back, LBJ started wheezing.  a really weird wheezing id never heard before.  
i dont want to be that crazy mum that takes her kid to the doctor for every scrape, bruise and cough.  
and as i had just gone to the doctor back in november or december for a lingering cough (over 3 weeks), i thought if i go to the doctor now, im totally going to be that mum.

and ... i am.  so first thing the next morning i made a sick appointment for the kiddo.  the appointment was for noon(ish), so we lay on the couch together to watch some tele.  we watched the previous nights bachelor.  and, LBJ watched the whole thing while just laying on top of my torso.  it reminded me of when he was a newborn and we would lay on the couch together.  back then he was lighter, so i could breathe easier.  and his legs werent reaching my knees.  time sure does fly.
meanwhile, we were watching the bachelor.  obviously, my kid is sick.  i dont know any two-year old boy who would sit through such an unbelievable train wreck of a show.  i thought, perhaps, he had fallen asleep.  but, as this was the episode in san francisco, he was sure to notify me every time he saw a trolley.  apparently, the mere glimpse of a red vehicle was enough to capture his attention.  

once we arrived at the doctor, it turned out that he was running two hours behind schedule.  on any other day, this would be a nightmare.  a complete and total meltdown waiting to happen in the middle of an office full of spectators.  but, i soon realized, that LBJ was indeed very very sick.  and there would be no meltdown - but just a very calm lap sitter.
(oh those rosy cheeks!)

once we finally saw the doctor, he thought he might have bronchitis. as it turns out, he actually had pneumonia.
the doctor says to me, "he going to have to do breathing treatments. okay.  you know how to do that, right?"
uh. no.
i kid you not, his head snapped up from his prescription pad and he looked genuinely confused.  
he asks, "you have a nebulizer at home?"
uh. no.
again, utter confusion.

apparently my kid is totally abnormal for waiting two and half years to get around to using a nebulizer.  
the doctor ordered us to do two treatments immediately in the office.  
when the nurse entered and told LBJ what was going on, she said "youll be like an astronaut"
LBJ has no idea what an astronaut is.  i dont think ive ever shown him a picture of one.  however!  he does know star trek - and they go into space.  so i immediately tell him this is star trek medicines, so he can go to space with the captain.

oh.  forgive me for my total and utter dorkiness.

but, with that he put on the mask and was a champ.  

and then he fell asleep.

(do you think he was dreaming of hanging out with data and geordi?)


Neta said...

Poor thing! Daniel also started having a weird cough yesterday so we took him to urgent care last night and they told us he has a mild case of pneumonia. We freaked out, and he didn't even need breathing treatments (just antibiotics). I bet you were freaked out!
Is he feeling any better?

nikki said...

i was crying. you know me, i cry at everything though! haha. hes all better now. his last treatments were on sunday. and that was good because the albuterol that he had to take made him ca-razy!
i hope daniel feels better soon. :o( no one likes sick kiddos!