Wednesday, February 15, 2012

here i am...

rock you like a hurricane.

look. when i think, i think with a lot of lyrics in mind.  and scorpions just came to mind. what can i say.

but now you might be wondering ... where is "here"?

oh. no biggie. just the hospital.  after LBJ recovered from his bronchitis slash pneumonia, we had a glorious week of our good ole boy off his crazy meds and just enjoyed being healthy.

then it was the superbowl. and LBJ didnt seem completely right that morning. we skipped out of church early and headed home to nap. when he got up, at nearly five pm, he was rockin a 104.5 fever. dang gina!

long story short, hes had a fever 8 of the last 10 days, including the one today.  yesterday, when after 5 days of antibiotics didnt seem to be working, and LBJ was the most pathetic looking kid around, i had to bring him back to the doctor.

we get there and LBJs oxygen levels are low. we had done a breathing treatment prior to the appointment, then received two more at the doctors. after each treatment, instead of his oxygen levels going up, they went down.

down so low, in fact, hospital rules require an ambulance trip. Being the total insurance junkies we are, and having seen many a claim form for such trips, we really wanted to opt out. In addition, im pretty sure we would make it to the hospital in faster time than waiting for an ambulance. Our doctor made the call, and we were able to drive ourselves.

We left the house at 930 this morning. Spent the morning at the doctors office. And then we got to the ER and were seen by 130. At 630, we were told we being admitted because of the unsuccessful attempts to get LBJs oxygen levels up. We were to move 'upstairs' around 7. Fast forward to midnight, when we are finally getting settled into our room.

Now, I'm not saying that our ER doctor mumbled a lot, so we couldn't understand him. Or that he made me feel stupid for even bringing by kid in (on doctors orders). I'm not saying the night nurse was totally unfriendly. Or that the day nurse did not listen to us when we said the albuterol didn't look as if it were decreasing ... oh because it wasn't ... causing a one hour treatment to turn into a three and half hour treatment. I'm not saying that the doctor seemed to never actually tell us what the eff was going on, causing some major frustration. Or that it was super annoying to wait an additional 4 hours to be transfered upstairs.

Okay. Wait. Wait. No. I'm saying all of that. Because that's basically what happened in a nutshell.

So now its one am.  LBJ just finished yet another breathing slash oxygen treatment. And I'm watching his oxygen level drop the longer he's off the machine. This does not bode well for tomorrow. He is sleeping. In a totally weird crib pod thing, that I definitely took pictures of.

Nathan slept a bit. But now he is just watching me type. Creeper!

And I am blogging. Because I didn't want to forget this most eventful valentines day.

ps as far as I am aware, LBJ is okay. He's not dying. I think he's gonna pull through on this one.


DeeBoyzMomma said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry to hear that Jack Jack is sick. There is nothing more difficult (for a lot of reasons) than having a little one in the hospital. Please, please let us know if there is anything that you need or anything we can do to help. Seriously. Just say it. Sending you all of our good thoughts and keeping you in our prayers. Love you guys.

St. Julien's said...

What a nightmare!! Bless your hearts. Hope his little body gets better SOON!!!!