Wednesday, February 29, 2012

im funny

sometimes i think i should just copy and paste my emails into my blog. (i think ive said this before, actually)

not because they are a good indication of my writing abilities (which, by the way, are off the charts).  but because i can be SO hilarious.

at least to me.

and especially when i write to my sister in law kelly.  gosh, im so funny.  in fact, i think i write that last sentence in every email i write to her.  apparently writing to kelly makes me think im funny.  and im sure she really enjoys it when i talk myself up like that.

let it be known - i think im funny. in fact, im pretty sure im hilarious.  and i tell LBJ that all the time.  he asks, "you funny, mommy?"  (which actually is interpreted to mean, are you okay?).  and if im feeling it, instead of saying, "yes, im okay" ... i say (ok...i yell) "yeah!  im hilarious!"

what i wish i had right now was a picture of me.  with a hilarious face.  a big smiley face with crazy eyes.  
because crazy eyes

1 comment:

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

you ARE funny!! and i love it.