Friday, March 02, 2012

nothing stops us ...

from going to the happiest place on earth. 

i admit that while im afraid to be "that mum" when it comes to most things involving LBJ, i am NOT afraid to be "that lady" obsessed with disneyland.  

and believe me, i am.  

we had already planned a visit to see auntie rachel in california before LBJ got sick.  and i decided that either way, we could still go to cali and do breathing treatments there and have fun.  but i would decide as the day got closer, if we would really go to disneyland.  

after the first 24 hours of breathing treatments, LBJs wheezing was undetectable to me.  he also had no desire to sit still anymore.  the cuddly little bug from the previous day was long gone.  in his place, my most wonderful rambunctious two year old.  i felt, if this progress continued, we would be ready for disneyland on saturday. 

oh, and we were. 

we brought the nebulizer to the park, so he could have his treatments every four hours as prescribed.  and i must tell you, the disneyland employees were super awesome.  i called in the morning to verify i could bring it. and then once we were there, we were told we could store it at the first aid office, instead of a locker.  we got a nice big doctors office room to do the treatments in.  and they were generally just pleasant people.  as usual at disneyland!

LBJ was a champ.  we would tell him he had to do his star trek medicines, but afterwards he would get to go on a ride. and overall, he just took it in stride. 

here he is with his churro.  patiently waiting until he can take another bite after his star trek medicines.

disneyland was celebrating the chinese new year. they handed out some ribbons for the kids to twirl.  and LBJ loved it.

the lines were super short on saturday.  since the morning had been rainy, i think a lot of people stayed away. but that meant, we went on dumbo!  after the many many visits we've made, ive finally taken LBJ on one of the most iconic rides ever.  he loved it.  but the kid loves everything about disney!
we rode the the carousel and the fliks flying something or other, and the ladybug teacups (as we call them).  LBJ loves to spin!

we also had a pretty short line for toy story mania - the 3d arcade ride in DCA.  

and we were able to watch the fireworks from a bench.  that we did not secure until the show had actually started.  UNHEARD OF!

saturday at the park may have been one of the best days spent at disneyland ever.  it was pure magic.

sunday, LBJ decided to turn on the attitude, so it was a little more challenging. it also was busier.  but we still had a great time.

with that visit under my belt,  LBJ and i have made 24 visits to disneyland in less than year.  
so ... yep ... i am totally "that lady".

(post edit: this was written well before LBJ got sick again and we were in the hospital)

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