Thursday, March 01, 2012


it has been a long five years since i last saw a dentist.  its disgusting, i know.

after it had been awhile, i was scared to go back.  what if i had my first cavity?

yes.  i said my "first". 

i was born lucky in the teeth department, that is all i can think.

but last week one tooth hurt something awful.  this must be what a cavity feels like!  so i called a dentist, set up an appointment. and waited.  all the while, thinking of the awful things she was going to do to me when i arrived. 

when my tooth first started hurting, i thought there was something stuck between my teeth. i flossed and flossed. nothing. thats when i knew it had to be a cavity.

i kept brushing and flossing for weeks.  still there was pain. and my gum felt hard.  right where it met my tooth.

i couldnt believe that i had a cavity. 

we were in the car on sunday. and my tooth was aching. so, of course, like a child,  i was messing with it.  all of a sudden,  a BIG OLE piece of popcorn popped out.

i kid you not.  it was disgusting to me that this had been in my mouth for weeks.  AND!! AND!! i was brushing and flossing.  and it never came out.  this thing was JAMMED in my gum.  causing some serious pain.

i was literally mortified.  

i went into the dentist yesterday.  no pain. no issues.  but did tell her the most embarrassing popcorn tooth story ever.  listen - i dont even remember when the last time i ate popcorn was. so embarrassing.

meanwhile, kids.  i still dont have any cavities.  
my teeth are friggen rocks!

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Kaitlynn Bluth said...

my body is seething with jealousy. I go every year and if I get out of there with less than 4 cavities, I count it as a win. Chalk teeth, I tell you.