Monday, April 02, 2012

wass up

LBJ got a special "prize" today.  

(please ignore the bed head)

we potty trained over the weekend.  it was (knock on wood) pretty successful.  with only one accident.  and we were able to go grocery shopping during the day. and out to dinner at red robin at night.  

so since it was so successful ... i thought, i better just send him to school with big boy undies on.
i sent him with three extra pairs of pants, in addition to the two he already has there.  and about 100 more pairs of big boy undies.  just in case.  when i dropped him off i only told him about a thousand times to tell miss aga, miss sarah, or miss violeta - whoever happened to be around - if he had to go peepee in the potty.

after i dropped him off this morning, i stopped at target and picked up a lego star wars pack.  i decided it would be his special prize if he had done as he was told at school.  but i was really thinking that there was no way i was going to be giving it to him today ... apparently im full of optimism.

a few hours later, as i was driving to pick him up i was hoping he was in the same blue shorts i sent him in.  but i didnt want to get my hopes up ....  its just better that way

when i walked in, there he was, in his blue shorts. i was so excited. and so happy i had that feeling to go get him a prize.

the whole reason im telling you this story is so that i can tell you that just now - LBJ has darth vader flying in an "airplane" with an R2 unit (who he calls "an alien").
darth vader flies around, and the pulls up next to R2 and says - "hey alien. wass up??"

im pretty sure that darth vader never ever said "wass up".  but to hear him say it, via my two year olds mouth is just about the funniest thing i ever heard.  

maybe this is just one of those things 'you have to be there' for.  

ps - guns sound like this "pjuuub! pjuuuub!"

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