Thursday, May 03, 2012

bad news thursday

i just read the most unbelievable news today.

matterhorn has been down for months for refurb work.  a big refurb.  

this is exciting.  

until i read ... dun dun dun!

new bobsleds!  one person only!  height requirements are going up! to 42 inches!

42 inches!?!  LBJ will be 8 years old by then (ok maybe thats an exaggeration). thats higher than both space mountain and star tours.  

how do i tell my little LBJ that he cannot ride his favorite roller coaster?  the one he talks about all the time.  

seriously.  im laughing at myself for being this upset.  but it is going to suck to have to tell him its a no go, even though hes been on it 10 times before.  

lame, disneyland.  lame.

1 comment:

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

Hahaha!!! 8 years old..... :) He'll just have to find a new he tall enough for the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WEEELDERNESS?