Sunday, May 06, 2012


LBj has been a bit under the weather this week. this morning i woke up and had to skip a lunch date with my bestest pen pal, because i was not feeling well.  LBJ and i took naps. and didnt wake up until 530!  so of course, i am up now, after midnight.

around 715 LBJ and i took off, with my camera, two tripods (one for LBJ, of course), and NashDee.

i decided to try and photograph the supermoon tonight. we were waiting patiently for it to rise over the mountains.  i was expecting something big and orange. but as it popped over -  i almost didnt see it!  it was nearly the same color as the sky.  it did get orange, as it rose.  and then it became white.  

we drove around and got a few shots here and there.  and then we headed to the temple.
i wanted to take a couple of shots up there for #sacredsunday on g+.  im trying to get more involved in the projects that exist on there.  and it makes me take pics outside my comfort zone. 

then LBJ saw a mcdonalds and let me know i needed to go the other way after passing it so we could get french fries.  so, as a dutiful mother, i of course stopped so we could have some fries.  at 9pm.  yupp. mother of the year, right here.

heres a couple of the pics of the supermoon, which i already shared on g+

and then a couple of shots that i may post for sacred sunday...

and just a quick shot of NashDee getting excited to see the supermoon!

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