Wednesday, June 20, 2012

words hurt!

i watched the new bristol palin reality show last night.  and let me tell you something that i did not like. in a clip for an upcoming episode, her son is throwing a tantrum. hes two and half - par for the course, people! she seemed to be holding him, trying to calm him down. and then he screams at her.  LBJ also screams.  we actually call it turning into the hulk now.  but thats another story.  tripp screams the statement "i hate you!".
no. no. no.  one) i dont even think LBJ knows the word hate. and two) he definitely does not know the phrase "i hate you".

that phrase is reserved for when you are a teenager and i wont let you borrow the car to go see whatever newest vampire movie is out.  and when that happens i will cry.  

im not saying that i think it is appropriate for teenagers to say they hate their parents. but, ahem.  i was a teenager and i "hated" my parents.  and i told them so.  so im pretty sure that karmas a ... you know what ... and i will hear that phrase down the road.  

bristols son only knows to say "i hate you" as a two year old, because he heard someone else say it.  it doesnt surprise me.  bristol was just a teenager ... like yesterday.  she hates her baby daddy.  and tripps been around bristols teenage siblings for a couple of years now.  so there you have it.  
it doesnt make me cringe any less.  and i think i would be horrified if LBJ told me he hated me now.

as it is, when he says "dont talk a me. im talking a daddy" it breaks my heart a little.

like i said, karmas ... rough.

ps when LBJ says "dont talk a me" i privately think he is working on his spanish and already using the personal 'a" rules

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