Thursday, August 16, 2012

our first meeting

remember that one time, about three years ago, i begged and begged nathan to let a foreign exchange student  come and stay with us? 

well ... i finally wore him down!

her name is marlene (pronounced marlena), and we are very excited.  but first i want to write down for the ages our first contact with this sweet 14 year old girl.

it was my annual july 4th weekend festivities with the dc girls - and this year we were actually celebrating the upcoming wedding of our friend renni.  the week before nathan and i had received marlenes packet of information, and decided that on monday we would send her and her family a little introductory email.  nathan had already typed it up, and was ready to hit send, come monday morning.

i went out on thursday night and had a great time.  i went out on friday night, and had yet another good time.  come saturday night, it was time for the "real" bachlorette party to begin (because thursday and friday were just practice runs).  we had a pre-party in jojo's room, complete with a panties game, and then headed out for some dinner.  and then of course, it was time for dancing.  my favorite part of the weekend!  please give me 10 cokes, and then set me on the dance floor around 1 am and see what happens :o)!

fast forward to 6 am and the sun rising.  where am i? oh, just in cab on the way back to the hotel where my car is parked.  SIX IN THE MORNING!  i get home at 630 or so, get into bed and fall asleep near 7 am.  

cue ringing phone at 8 am.

nathan answers and its marlene, "hi. this is your exchange student. marlene.  do you want to skype?"

what!?  let me just say i had worn some red RED lipstick stain the night before.  it was still on, and "stained". i had smokey eye all OVER my face.  suffice it to say, i looked like once messed up prosti.  (thats what we call prostitutes.)

of course, the only thing i want to do at that moment is get on the computer with my 14 year old exchange student and her mother. why not? 

i told her we were in our pjs and give us a few.  so i jumped in the shower trying to wake myself up.  cleaned off the smokey eye, and as much of the lip stain as possible.  

we both put on "nice" shirts. but left our pj bottoms on. and hopped on skype. 

it was a great conversation. and she seems like a really sweet and nice girl.  hopefully, my lack of sleep and prosti face didnt make her scared to come to las vegas.  really.  this is not how i normally "live" in vegas.  no. really.  i swear.  and to marlenes mum, i promise i wont let marlene stay out till 6 am with prosti face either.  

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