Monday, September 10, 2012

all about marlene

the last three weeks have been so awesome.  and so busy!  

i have much to blog about - we have gone up to the cabin in utah, headed out to the movies, and to a volleyball game at unlv.  we went down to the strip. we had the new student orientation for all the exchange student.  and meanwhile, school has started, marelene has been very lucky to make some good friends already, and has been out and about doing activities with friends and with the church youth group. 

thats three weeks in a nutshell.  but i want to be able to get into the habit of writing down things that are going on, but also how everyone is "feeling".  

so far, nathan and i are loving having marlene with us.  she is a super sweet girl and very very fun.  we have a good time together even when we are just sitting on the couch watching tele together.

one of the things we were most nervous about, logistically, was what do we do at night.  when lbj goes to bed, nathan and i just "veg out" on the couch and watch mythbusters, top gear or some other goofy show.  we wondered whether marlene would want to watch tv with us.  if it would be weird.  would she get bored?
but as it turns out, she has a few american shows she likes to watch already (how i met your mother) and has come to like a few other shows that are new to her (craft wars and face/off).  so nights arent nearly as awkward as we thought they might have been.  plus, lets be honest.  shes a teenager, and as soon as dinner is over she spends most of the time texting her new american friends.  :o)

another thing we've learned about marlene is that she is very honest girl.  if she doesnt feel like playing a game, she will tell us.  i appreciate so much that i generally know what she is thinking because she just tells me so. 

in fact, on the subject of talking. she is very open and communicative.  when we sit down to dinner and ask her how her day was, she starts by saying "yes. well i went to my first class photography and we ..."  i am so happy to have someone in our home who loves to talk and tell us about things that are going on.  and i hope that when lbj is older he will be similarly open and talkative (based on his current amount of speaking, i dont think we will have a problem in that area).  

she has let us know who she is making friends with and tells us all the funny and interesting things that happen at school.  when i was a kid, this is how our dinners went, as well. so for me this is awesome (but normal).  nathan did not have exactly the same type of communication - but that might be the difference between a house of boys and a house of girls!

i love marlenes sense of humor.  she has quickly learned how nathan likes to joke around, and we just seem to have a lot of fun together.  she especially likes to see people freak out.  we watch pranks on you tube together sometimes.  or nathan likes to scare me in the car by being crazy.  and the three of them (lbj, marlene and nathan) get a good laugh out my outbursts.  she can also laugh at herself - just last night she fell straight off the couch while reaching for a cookie.  and im just saying, it was pretty funny.  we all laughed. and then nathan posted about it on FB, and she still laughed.  

speaking of cookies - the girl loves her sweets!  we've been having cookies on a pretty regular basis these days, as well as some yogurt land.  in addition, i see her swipe marshmallows from time to time. and when we went to the movies, she opted for kettle corn, not butter popcorn!  

marlene likes to play board games with us (win for me!) and she likes romantic movies (win for me!) and  so nathan, being the awesome host dad that he is has been doing things that are out of his comfort zone (win again!).

for me - having marlene with us has made me get up earlier in the day (win??).  i get more done around the house (win!) and am doing a pretty good job of making home made dinners for us to eat (win!).

these are just a few of things that we love about marlene and what having her here means to us.  but mostly i just know that we all seem to be very happy. and we couldnt have gotten a better girl to come and live with us!

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NateDee said...

I have to admit, she's pretty great. For being such a nay-sayer I have definitely been converted. It's a good thing I was so picky about who we let come live with us. :)