Friday, September 14, 2012

and then they grow up

i dont think it ever occurred to us, as we planned to have marlene come and live with us, the difficulties that would arise from her just being a teenager.

and teenagers like to hang out with other teenagers.

we knew this of course.  and we knew she would want to go out with her friends and hang out and have fun. i dont think that we thought it would happen so fast.  as i mentioned before, marlene has quickly made friends here in vegas.  and that is awesome.

what we didnt know was how protective we would feel, almost immediately.  like most other people who have met her, we really like marlene.  and we want her to have fun. but we also want her to be safe.
we have a responsibility as her host parents to make sure she is safe.  and in addition, we have a responsibility to her parents back home that she stays safe.  

and suddenly ... every maternal instinct that i thought id never have kicked into full gear.  and someone i never met before, namely "Dad Nathan", emerged.  what happened to us?  we are too young to be weirdos! oh, but we are.

we want to know who marlene is hanging out with.  where she is.  what time she will be home.  you know, all those things my mum, and your mum, wanted to know.  back when we thought our parents were SUPER annoying.  

luckily, marlene is a sweet girl, and understands our concerns (or at least smiles to my face when she says so).  so, yesterday i met some of her friends. and tonight she is out with them to a centennial football game.  "our" little girl of four weeks is grown up and out with her friends. 

probably having a way better time than me and nathan.  because ... 
we grew up too. and we are our parents. old. and lame. in front of the tele.

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